“Business Days in Gomel”: second day – 1st session

Modern approaches, effective models and successful practices in the agricultural sector – this is how the main areas of discussion planned by the organisers for the first Business Days in Gomel session were outlined.

The event brought together 36 participants from 10 countries who are interested in innovative technologies and modern practical solutions in the food industry and agriculture. The session was moderated by Boris Guschin, Deputy General Director of the Gomel branch of the BelCCI.

The speakers ‘ presentations, held in a video conference format, aroused great interest among the participants.

Ildar Galiev, Director of the Samara-ARIS state enterprise (Russia), spoke about the experience of the Samara region in promoting new agricultural technologies, training and advanced training of farmers and managers of agricultural enterprises in the region. The organization provides information, consulting and educational support on a free basis to agricultural producers in the region, including private farms. A presentation on the methods of this work will be posted in the near future for General access on the online platform bizgomel.by.

Gulfaridat Kampitova, Professor of the fruit and vegetable growing Department of the Kazakh National Agrarian University (Almaty), has been participating in the “Business Days in Gomel” for several years. For the first time – in online format.

The Professor noted the high quality of fruit seedlings of Belarusian selection from the Gomel region, supplied to the gardens of Kazakhstan, and the growing demand for blueberries, which have been cultivated by Belarusian breeders and farmers for a number of years.

She noted the opportunities for joint work in the scientific field, exchange of experience, with the participation of professors and teaching staff of the Republic of Belarus in scientific conferences in Kazakhstan within the framework of projects of the Kazakh side. She expressed high interest in working together with F. Skorina Gomel State University and The Republican unitary enterprise “Gomel regional agricultural experimental station” of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Interesting “turnkey projects” for year-round cultivation in hydroponics with led lighting of vegetables, spicy and salad greens were presented by the head of the Bryansk company “BR lighting”, LLC “ECOGRINTEK” Vasily Dolbachev.

A project on growing mini potato tubers by aeroponic method was also presented. Using this technology, you can get up to 100 potato tubers from a single plant, avoiding infection with viruses and diseases.

It is likely that compact farms for ordinary users will soon be available for retail sale in Belarus. The company sent commercial offers to major retail chains of the Republic of Belarus.

Representative of the Turkish company NETA Kimya Tatyana Gorshenina,

made a presentation on the production of hygiene products for dairy herd of cattle and livestock breeding in general. She noted her interest in finding a distributor in Belarus.

The search for new dealers, as well as the opportunity to create an assembly production of self-propelled sprayers and mineral fertilizer spreaders “Tuman” brought a speaker from Samara to the “Business Days in Gomel”. The leading specialist of the export Department of PEGAS-agro LLC, Valentin Gudkov

presented an interesting presentation with an overview of the models of manufactured equipment. He noted its high performance, maintainability and low operating costs. The presentation is freely available on the resource bizgomel.by.

Serik Zharylgapov, Chairman of the Association of Farmers of Kazakhstan for the West Kazakhstan region of Uralsk, shared his experience of cooperation with Belarusian cattle producers. He noted the interest in continuing joint work with the Gomel state breeding enterprise for the purchase of breeding cattle.

In addition, the representative of the company from Voronezh “Russian Oliva” Lidiya Miroshnichenko

made a  report and invited the audience to a detailed presentation on the experience of growing and processing a unique source of protein – amaranth. At the end of the session, the representative of the BelCCI in Spain, Olesya Slizheva

briefly introduced the participants to the performance of agriculture in Spain, the volume of livestock production, fish farming and crop production, the scale of use in Spain of greenhouses, the total area of which reaches 80 thousand hectares.

Supporting an active dialogue of the participants, Boris Guschin, Deputy General Director of the Gomel branch of the BelCCI announced readiness to assist foreign companies in establishing business contacts with partners in the Gomel region.

Participants noted the relevance of the topics announced by the organisers, and agreements were reached on information exchange, meetings and B2B negotiations at the online platform bizgomel.by.