About Project

Welcome to the electronic platform for international contacts GOMEL PRO BUSINESS – a joint project of the Gomel branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Gomel Regional Union of Employers.

The resource was created as a practical assistant to help:
foreign economic activity (B2B, exhibitions, visits and receptions of delegations, visa support, presentations, trademarks, ATA carnet)
business training (seminars, foreign language courses)
as well as for legal and expert support (independent assessment, examination, certification)

For your convenience:

* effective search for commercial offers and promotional materials by country and industry

* up-to-date information about the geographical location and potential of the Gomel region

* professional translations into 24 foreign languages

* Links to useful information resources


The bizgomel.by team collected 270+ commercial offers of goods and services from companies from 30+ countries with a selection of information about each of them.
We are looking for new opportunities and new partners!

Have you already registered your company on bizgomel.by?

We invite you to join and place information materials, commercial offers of your company (recommended form of commercial offer)

Meet the project team:

Project Administration

General Director of the Gomel Branch of the BelCCI

Director of JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”

Deputy Chairman – Director of the Executive Directorate of GOSN

Deputy General Director of the Gomel Branch of the BelCCI

Deputy General Director of the Gomel Branch of the BelCCI

Legal support

ph.: +375 232 226472
e-mail: prihodko@ccigomel.by

ph.: +375 232 235279
e-mail: los@ccigomel.by

Expert support

 ph.: +375 232 221829
e-mail: ivanova@ccigomel.by

ph.: +375 232 236444
e-mail: ndrozdova@ccigomel.by

Foreign economic activity

ph.: +375 232 235111
e-mail: ves@ccigomel.by

ph.: +375 232 237111
e-mail: vyd@ccigomel.by

Business education. Advertising

ph.: +375 232 221820
e-mail: rio@ccigomel.by

ph.: +375 232 236222
e-mail: rio@ccigomel.by

Technical support

general questions

ph.: +375 232 235698
e-mail: toiit@ccigomel.by


ph.: +375 232 221898
e-mail: takoeva@ccigomel.by

ph.: +375 232 235698
e-mail: admin@ccigomel.by