We will help you to establish business with China

Dear partners!

The Gomel branch of the BelCCI offers you a service for establishing partnership with the People’s Republic of China according to the following scheme:

Stage 1: Translation of the terms of reference into Chinese.

To effectively search for manufacturers of the products you are interested in, it is necessary to translate the terms of reference into Chinese. The final document will be handed over to the customer and can be used by them for independent or additional study of the project. It is optimal that for each of the items stated in the document there are more detailed terms of reference with an indication of the main characteristics.

The cost of translating the customer’s technical specification from Russian into Chinese will be 40.5 BYN for 1800 Russian letters with spaces.

Stage 2: Search for equipment manufacturers.

The search is carried out on the basis of the provided terms of reference. The deadline for completion is up to 10 work days. According to the search result, the customer is provided with a ready-made commercial offer from the manufacturer in Russian, indicating the direct contacts of the manager responsible for this commercial offer from the manufacturer, the terms of delivery and payment. In the course of the search, our specialists will contact the customer if the Manufacturer has additional questions about the terms of reference provided. Before providing the commercial offer to the customer, we also check the manufacturer according to the reliability database of Chinese enterprises with the provision of reporting information on the manufacturer to the customer.

The cost of providing a commercial offer from one manufacturer is 520 BYN. (includes checking the supplier for reliability).

A separate check on the reliability of the supplier with the provision of a written report to the customer – 180 BYN.

Stage 3: Preparation and approval of documents on a foreign trade transaction.

When the customer decides to purchase the goods from the supplier, we are ready to assist in the preparation and bilateral coordination with the Customer and the manufacturer of all documents for this delivery. Foreign trade contracts in Russian and Chinese that meet the requirements of Belarusian and Chinese legislation and are accepted in Belarusian banks will be prepared, as well as specifications, invoices and packing lists (also in Russian and Chinese). At this stage, our specialists will also assist the customer in coordinating all additional technical issues related to the equipment with the supplier.

The cost of work at this stage will be 545 BYN.

Stage 4: Pre-shipment inspection.

Specialists of our Chinese office will go to the manufacturing plant for pre-shipment inspection of the batch with the provision of a photo and video report to the customer. The customer will also have the opportunity to take part in the inspection online via video communication.

The cost of a specialist’s departure for shipment control is 210$ for 1 day of work (at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment) + transportation costs to the factory from one of our Chinese offices (usually in the range of 30-50$).

Contact person: Vitaly Shevchenko, +375 232 236-222, 221-820, rio@ccigomel.by.