June 4, 2024
Meeting of the working group on cooperation between Belarus and Udmurtia

On June 4, a meeting of the working group on cooperation between Belarus and Udmurtia was held.

The event was attended by Chairman of the State Property Committee Dmitry Matusevich and First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Udmurt Republic Olga Abramova.

D.Matusevich stressed the relevance and importance of cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the regions of the Russian Federation, also he noted «Bilateral trade and economic relations indicate that today the potential for development has not been exhausted and there are new growth points in enhancing cooperation». O.Abramova noted that cooperation between Udmurtia and Belarus has been established in many areas – from agriculture to tourism.

Representatives of enterprises and organizations of both countries took part in the exchange of views. The prospects of cooperation in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine tool construction, electric transport, in particular the supply of products from Minsk Tractor Works, medical products from JSC Medplast to the Russian region, as well as the interaction of small and medium-sized enterprises of Udmurtia with Belarusian industrial enterprises and retail chains were discussed.

In her speech, Marina Filonova, Director General of the Gomel branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, noted the established active contacts with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Udmurt Republic, the regularity of visits and meetings of business circles of both sides, both during mutual participation in exhibitions and in the organization of face-to-face and online meetings and presentations. She announced that this year’s plans include organizing a visit by a delegation of business circles of Belarus to participate in the Industrial Forum in Izhevsk in September. She stressed her interest in deepening cooperation between the chambers, as well as establishing contacts with business associations of Udmurtia.