May 5, 2023
To the fallen for the Birthplace

Within Republic event «Belarus remembers» Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gomel Brunch honored the memory of defenders of the Fatherland, who died during the Great Patriotic War.

May 5, 2023 General Director Marina Filonova, General Director’s Deputies Tatyana Sidorova and Boris Guschin on behalf of the team laid a wreath to the bed of honour in the vil. Kalinino, Buda-Koshelevsky district.

In an ordinary military cemetery – there are thousands of them in our land – lie the soldiers who did not let the German troops go to Gomel in July 1941, as well as the soldiers of the Soviet Army who liberated Belarus in April 1944.

On the eve of Victory Day employees of the Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gomel Branch congratulate sincerely veterans of the Great Patriotic War, partisans and underground fighters, home front workers on the holiday!

We highly appreciate your courage, resilience and dedication! Our families remember and honor your Feat.