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We thank you for supporting the initiatives of the Gomel branch of the BelCCI, which you provided during many years of our cooperation!

The Union of Non-Profit Organizations “Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers),” the largest multisectoral and multidisciplinary non-profit organization in the Republic of Belarus, uniting 32 republican and regional unions, associations and public associations, employers of the Republic of Belarus.

It was established in 1999 and is the successor of the Belarusian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, which has been operating since 1993. The parent organization of the Union “KPP (N)” Republican Association of Industrial Enterprises “BelAPP.”

Currently, the Confederation includes leading national Belarusian enterprises and corporate associations of various forms of ownership, which employ more than 50% of workers in Belarus.

The Confederation represents the interests of industrialists and entrepreneurs, employers in state institutions of Belarus, including the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, the Government, trade unions and other public organizations.

Main business lines:

– Protection of the general interests of members of the Confederation;

– Promoting the economic growth of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership;

– Promoting the development and strengthening of the law and legal framework in the field of economic activities and social and labor relations;

Representation of employers in the National Labour and Social Council;

– Conclusion and signing on behalf of employers of the General Agreement between the Government, employers and trade unions;

– Formation and development of international contacts and relations with partner organizations, employers’ associations of other countries;

– Cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Coordinating Council of Employers’ Associations (ICLAR).

The Confederation consists of 14 associations, 4 unions, 9 public organizations and 5 regional unions of employers.


State Production Association «Belorusneft»

«Belorusneft» is the state vertically-integrated energy com- pany. It was founded in 1966.

Main activities: oil and gas production, geological exploration and oil service, processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, sale of oil, oil products and gas processing products, production and sale of electricity, development and implementation of innova- tive technologies for the oil industry.

There are more than 40 organizations operating in Belarus and abroad in the structure of the company. «Belorusneft» imple- ments projects on development of oil and gas resources in the countries of near and far abroad in partnership with the largest energy corporations in the world.

Among the most important principles of the company are as- sistance of energy and environmental security of the state, atten- tion to the interests of society, active participation in social and economic development of the regions of activity.


We combine experience and innovation, tradition and alter- native to capture the energy of nature and make it available to people.

«Gomeltransneft Druzhba» JSC

Open joint stock company «Gomeltransneft Druzhba» is an oil transportation organization, part of the concern «Belneftekhim».

The company was founded on November 23, 1964 and to- day serves as a continuation of the network of export oil trunk pipelines of the Russian company «Transneft». Since 2015 it is a member of the International Association of oil transporters. The company transports the transit flow to the West – to the oil pumping plants of Poland and Germany, and to the South – to the plants of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and also provides the supply of oil to the Mozyr refinery.

The company ensures the functioning of 667 kilometers of the oil trunk pipeline. The main oil pipeline passes through the whole Belarus across territories of 8 districts of Gomel region and 8 districts of Brest region from the border with Russia to the borders with Poland and Ukraine.

In 2018, the company pumped 60.4 million tons of oil, that makes about a quarter of oil export of the country. Every day the company provides uninterrupted and reliable transportation of hydrocarbons to consumers in the amount of about 170 thousand tons.

JV OJSC «Spartak» – one of the largest producers of confectionery and semi-finished products of own manufacture in Republic of Belarus issuing about 350 items of confectionery, including products of therapeutic and prophylactic action. Main types of the products are: caramel, candies, chocolate and chocolate goods, biscuits, wafer products, cream cakes and cakes. Today at factory there are 4 production departments: biscuit, caramel, wafer, candy and chocolate where in wide assortment makethe above-stated types of products
JSC «Seismotekhnika» is a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of high-tech oilfield and geophysical equipment.

Main activities:

– Mobile systems for drilling and workover with a capacity of 80 to 250 tons;
– Drilling rigs with capacity up to 345 tons of stationary and echelon versions;
– Vibration sources of seismic signals with a pushing force of 20 – 30 tons;
– Auxiliary oilfield equipment;
– Equipment for gas stations and oil depots;
– Provision of maintenance services.

The equipment produced by the company is operated in more than 20 countries, including the Russian Federation, Belarus, Venezuela, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

JSC «Gomel meat processing plant»

JSC «Gomel meat processing plant» is one of the largest enterprises for processing of meat, production of sausages and meat semi-finished products in Republic of Belarus. In the territory of plant there are: a shop of primary processing of cattle, sausage shop, a production site on development of meat semi-finished products, a number of auxiliary objects.

The product range of the meat processing plant is various, constantly updated and is capable to satisfy the most refined taste. Our production is made of meat of farms of the Gomel region, without use of GMO and liquid smoke, at strict control of indicators of safety, technological modes at all stages of production of a product.

JSC «Gomel meat processing plant» is a one team which thinks every minute about you and your desires and provides you with good quality products at a reasonable price. We prepare only such products which we eat with pleasure and recommend to our friends.

OJSC «Rogachev Milk Canning Plant» is the largest producer of canned milk in the CIS. A wide range of such products as hard, semi-hard and processed cheeses, whole-milk products, dry dairy products, products for baby food, is also produced.

The company has a quality management system of production of milk canned food, introduced and certified food safety man- agement system (HACCP), environmental management system. The production is certified for product compliance with the requirements and standards of «Halal». The plant carries out de- liveries of products to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Mongolia, the USA, Israel, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran.

The permanent high quality of dairy products is marked by dozens of diplomas and medals of national and foreign competitions.

JSC «Gomeloblavtotrans» is the largest transport company in the Gomel region, which has been successfully operated for 75 years. The main areas of work are the organization of freight and passenger traffic in international and domestic traffic. Today our enterprise is ready to offer to partners services of dump trucks with a loading capacity from 10 to 36 tons and truck tractors with trailers, comfortable passenger buses of various capacity and special lifting equipment.

In the structure of the enterprise there are 13 branches, each of which is engaged in the independent implementation of perspective projects, develops new directions of transportation, searches for nonresident customers to attract the export of transport ser- vices to the region.

JSC “Gomel chemical plant” is one of the leading enterprises of petrochemical branch of Belarus and specializes in release of complex phosphorous fertilizers under the BelFert brand, and also products of inorganic synthesis.

The assortment list of the Company includes fertilizers (ammophos, ammonium superphosphate, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, liquid complex fertilizers for various crops), plant protection products, sulfuric acid of various brands; aluminum fluoride, cryolite, aerosil, sodium sulfite, etc.

JSC “Gomel chemical plant” proved in the markets of Belarus, the CIS countries and Western Europe as the reliable supplier who is turning out quality products.

Gomel regional Union of employers (GRUE) is a non- profit organization that unites 59 large and medium-sized en- terprises of the Gomel region representing 13 branches of the national economic complex with a total number of more than 80 thousand employees. The main purpose of the Union of employ- ers is cooperation with public and administrative authorities, la- bor unions and their associations concerning development and improvement of social partnership and improvement of condi- tions of financial and economic activity of the enterprises and the organizations, representation of legitimate interests and pro- tection of the rights of its members in the field of social, labor and economic relations at various levels. Coordinates the activi- ties of its members, promotes their active participation in social and economic processes, the development of social partnership in the Gomel region.
OJCS «Gomel PA «Kristall» is the managing holding company of «KRISTALL -HOLDING», it specializes in processing of natural stones into diamonds of round and fantasy cut styles of high quality, rendering of services on processing of diamonds, production of jewelry items with precious gems and also of State awards.

You can buy jewelry goods and certified diamonds in the commercial network of OJSC «Beluvelirtorg»; for more information, please visit our web-sites and The assortment of produces jewelry goods comprises more than 10 000 items.

Gomelstroymaterialy OJSC is one of the largest manufacturers of a wide range of building materials in the Republic of Belarus.

The main products are: heat-insulating plates made of mineral wool of the BELTEP trademark; – blocks of cellular concrete wall: – silicate stone and brick; – partition silicate plates.

The work of the shops, divisions and services of Gomelstroymaterialy OJSC is focused on maximizing customer satisfaction and ensuring the highest quality of customer service.

 The main and main line of production is the production Gomelsteklo OJSC of high-quality large-format sheet polished glass (float). Colorless and transparent sheet glass is a necessary component for the production of building translucent structures, the manufacture of coated glass, low-emission and sun-protection glass, automotive and safety glass, glass products for furniture, double-glazed windows and many other types of special glass.

The combination of production and social factors, the dynamism of the enterprise’s development, innovative and modern technologies being introduced allow Gomelsteklo OJSC to be optimistic about the future, feel confident and stable in the glass and glass products market.

The branch of CJSC «Amkodor-Spetsservice»«Amkodor- Gomel» is the official representative of «AMKODOR» holding in the territory of the Gomel region. «AMKODOR» holding takes one of the leading positions in Belarus and the CIS coun- tries in the production of road construction, agricultural, munici- pal, airfield and harvest and other equipment. Today the model range of «AMKODOR» holding has more than 120 models and modifications of machinery that are in demand in many coun- tries of the world. The branch of CJSC «Amkodor-Spetsservis»

–          «Amkodor-Gomel» provides services for the realization, maintenance and repair of equipment of AMKODOR holding with application of original parts, nodes and components in ac- cordance with the design documentation of the loaders, road- building, forest and municipal equipment.