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The electronic platform of the XXI International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel 2020” has come to an end. This year, for the first time, the event was held in a 24/7 format in three online clusters:

“Business Spring” (webinars, presentations of products and services of enterprises, B2B negotiations online)
“Gomel Spring” (a celebration of craftsmen and artisans)
“Tasty Spring” (the festival of the presentation of the facilities of public catering and retail trade)

The eventful XXI International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel 2020″ — virtual version” has now finished. We will have to comprehend and systematize the experience. But today we already have the figures that clearly illustrate the past event.

16,900 visits to the electronic platform

124 companies that posted information about themselves

390 participants of “Spring in Gomel” events from 14 countries

5 webinars – 85 participants

81 representatives of companies from 8 countries participated in 9 industry-based B2B events

15 participants of 3 online classes in business English

75 craftsmen and artisans presented 10 creative directions on the electronic platform of the festival “Gomel Spring”

10 restaurants and cafes accepted an offer to participate in the “Delicious Spring”

All details are archived at

We sincerely thank everyone who supported our new project with their participation, and we are happy to announce the winners of the XXI International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel 2020″- virtual version”!