October 27-29, 2020 Results of "Business Days in Gomel" in numbers


147 participants from 21 countries of the world: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Moldova, Ukraine, China, Uzbekistan, USA, India, Iran, Australia, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, UAE, Albania, Israel, Spain, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia.

October 27th. Round table: Interaction of business associations – competition or effective dialogue?

8 speakers and 44 participants from 14 countries of the world: Belarus, China, Croatia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Australia, Kazakhstan, Belgium, India.

October 28th. Session 1: Consumer trends and the modern reality.

Modern approaches, effective models and successful practices in the agro-industrial complex

10 speakers and 41 participants from 10 countries of the world: Belarus, Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia.

October 29th. . Session 2 New face of business is the transition from offline to the virtual space

8 speakers and 62 participants from 15 countries of the world: Belarus, Croatia, Belgium, Israel, China, USA, UAE, India, Australia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Albania, Turkey.

At the end of the “Business Days in Gomel” a Protocol of intentions between Gomel branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and
Chinese exhibition company “Shanghai BD International exhibition” was signed.

An important addition to “Business Days in Gomel” – 2020 was holding of 10 events (webinars, seminars, presentations), in which 86 representatives of Belarusian and foreign companies took part.