May 25, 2021
R2R meeting with the Russian Federation Bryansk region

May 25, 2021, a regional meeting with the Russian Federation Bryansk region took place. The meeting was jointly organized by Gomel branch of the BelCCI and Union “Bryansk CCI”.

Marina Filonova, General Director of Gomel branch of the BelCCI, and Vladislav Shnekutis, Vice-President of Union “Bryansk CCI”, marked the active interaction of the two Chambers and business community of Bryansk and Gomel regions. In years 2019-2020 alone, 28 joint events dedicated to commercial and economic advancement and cultural exchange were organized.

Boris Guschin, deputy General Director, showcased the work of Gomel branch of the BelCCI and reflected the core agenda for years 2020-2021.

Sergey Misuragin, head of Smolensk Department of the Republic of Belarus Embassy in Russia, and Yuriy Zolotarev, head of the Russian Federation commercial mission in the Republic of Belarus, pointed out the specific steps for development of inter-regional cooperation between Belarus and Russia, which could involve a wide range of organizations concerned.

Yuliya Novoseltseva, Director of Bryansk region Center for Export Promotion, underlined the interest of small and medium size enterprises in establishing of mutually beneficial connections.

Representatives of the following organizations made their presentations: Gomel and Novobelitsa branches of JSC “Gomel Bread Product”, LLC “Gomel Engineering Company”. On the Russian side: LLC “Base nutriment” and digital platform “Shveynik Online”.